Review: Searzall


I have been putting the Searzall to the test for more than a couple months and have been meaning to review it for equally as long.

“The Searzall is an attachment secured to the top of a blowtorch to create the perfect searing temperature without the off-putting aromas that typically result when cooking with blowtorches.” – Booker and Dax

So what is a Searzall? Essentially it is an attachment that works by super-heating and diffusing the flame from a blow-torch (the Bernzomatic TS8000 is recommended), turning it into a portable searing machine. Dave Arnold, part mad scientist, part culinary wunderkind, is the man behind the Searzall and Booker & Dax Labs. He issues the challenge, “If you’ve got it, we’ll sear it.” The Searzall more than lives up to the hype.

I initially purchased the Searzall with the intention of improving the sear on meat that I had sous vide in my Anova Precision Cooker. This was in fact the inspiration Dave Arnold had for this invention.

Searzall on a Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch Head

“When it comes to high-tech, low-temp cooking like sous-vide, a quick way to sear the outside while keeping a perfectly tender interior is essential” – Bon Apetit

However, I soon found out that the Searzall has much more potential. I have used it to cook eggs, melt cheese, establish crusts on roasts, and to get that crispy, crackly skin on pork belly. I find myself grabbing it for the simplest of tasks because it is accessible and efficient.

One of the most obscure uses I have found for it is reheating frozen waffles. I like to freeze the waffles leftover from Sunday brunches but reheating them was always a dilemma. The toaster makes them too crunchy, the oven takes too long to heat up, and the microwave turns them soggy and hard. Enter Searzall. Now I microwave the waffles just long enough to defrost them (about 20 seconds), then I hit them with the Searzall quickly on both sides. Magic, like they’re fresh out of the waffle iron.

I definitely recommend purchasing the Searzall, but not strictly for sous vide applications. To be honest, I find a good cast iron pan works just as good to get a hard sear on proteins post-bath. Still, I use it almost everyday. If you have worked in professional kitchens and miss that beautiful, fire-breathing salamander above the range, you will find familiarity and endless possibilities in your hand when you hold the Searzall.

Check it out at Booker and Dax or buy it on Amazon today.

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