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Hello. I’m Gavin Edward

I’m Gavin, and I’m so glad you’ve found my website and blog! After many years of friends and family pushing me to do something with food, I started the Instagram account, @gavinedwardcooks, dedicated to food I cook and my experiments in the kitchen.

I grew up on a cattle ranch in a small, northern Canadian town. My parents, insatiable foodies, instilled in me a respect for ingredients and the importance of slow food at an early age. Working in our family run abattoir as a kid is where I developed the culinary curiosity I have today.

I love to experiment with techniques new and old, including sous vide cooking, fermenting, and curing. I hope you find my recipes informative and delicious!


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  • Recipe: Berry Tart
    I definitely do not have a sweet tooth. Maybe that's why I like...

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